January - Make Thanksgiving Your lifestyle and Make it Meaningful

Text: Psalm 100

Thanksgiving has become subject of the mouth and it has no in-depth, right inside of us, in fact the word itself has lost its meaning, value and importance. Today, in the world people has forgotten that the clothes you wear for gym will never be right for a wedding, when people give a different meaning to “thanksgiving” that’s when they “thumb up” for you and at your back, they laugh you to scorn I Corinth 14: 17.

Now apart from your thanksgiving to any man, what about God? And I will ask you again, what role did you play in your existence? What part did or have you played in your protection and security so far? Are you aware that those who have died never thought that they would have died then? May be I should ask you in a different way, has God done anything to you that worth thanking Him? Please consider this passage again Psalm 100: 4 – 5. Even when you never knew Him as God out of love, He still shows helps, guides and stands by you Rom 5: 8.

Do you know the scripture cannot be broken? If James 1: 17 says every good and perfect gift is from God, it then means every goodness you can discover in your life is from God, but did you give a meaningful thanks to God? Starting from the free air you breathe, sound health you have e.t.c.

Samuel became one of the greatest prophets in Israel probably because the mother offered a meaningful thanksgiving to God.

Brethren! Your thanksgiving to God, may as well determine your greatness (read I Sam 2: 1 – 8) In fact a study bible call that passage “a poem of national thanksgiving” to Israel, in other words that shows that shows and illustrate the practise of the ancient people, no wonder they were great in their own time. Do something today about this matter and make thanksgiving meaningful and your life style.
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