February - Topic: Real Love - Text: 1Corinthians 13: 1-13

The first thing I will like to point out in today’s message is that, even according to the word of God people have different gift but “LOVE” is not a gift its available to everyone.

`LOVE`: is a warm affection towards something or somebody. It’s a pity many misinterpreted “LOVE” today. To some it has become an ordinary slogan and the use the word haphazardly. Some others often confuse Love with (permit me to use this word) SEX.

I’m sure you know that even a fool do have sex and that is why 1corin 13: 8 says “love never fails ….” It means if there’s love in any relationship there won’t be divorce and there won’t be trouble just because love never fails. Look at why I believed in Songs of Solomon 8: 6- 7.

The kind of love described in the text cannot fail. I like that phrase “love is as strong as death” to me it means if death is real then hell is real even as life is real and neither can be denied according to that verse 6 all the 4 things are real. “Love, Death, Jealousy and hell” the passage simply tell us that love and death are both strong, and jealousy and hell are both cruel and again one of the evidence of love is “CARE” how can you say you love your spouse and you don’t care? In 1Samuel 18: 1-3 Jonathan really proved his love towards David, even at the detriment of his prestige and life he really cared so much for David.

Many homes are broken down today simply because they have a different meaning for “LOVE” the real matrimonial love is clearly spelt out in Eph 5: 25-31. Love shouldn’t be based on talent, beauty or smartness and I’m telling you that’s why many talented people don’t have a settled home, of course if it is based on beauty, such love can fail. 1Corin 13:7 says “Beareth all things, believeth all things……..endureth all things”. Let me conclude with the last verse of the text, if you will be able to apply it in your relationship with others.

Faith is the foundation.

Hope is the attitude and focus.

Love is the action when faith and hope are in line; you are free to love completely because God himself still love you.
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