March - Topic: Be Expectant - Text: - 2kings 2:18-22

Expectation is the mother of manifestation. A look at the text will clearly explain the need to be in an expectant mood always.

Elisha served prophet Elijah diligently and when Elijah was about to go, he asked Elisha what he wanted and Elisha asked for the double portion of Elijah’s power. Elijah told him he can only have it if he sees him at the time he will go, so he kept following his master, and all along some people were mocking him (just as so many people mock you and discourage you from serving God) but eventually he got the double portion of his master’s power.

When he was coming back, he passed through Jericho where he was mocked and the same people now discovered that he was loaded with power 2kings 2:15 “When the members of the prophetic guild in Jericho, who were standing at a distance, saw him do this, they said, “The spirit that energized Elijah rests upon Elisha.” They went to meet him and bowed down to the ground before him.” take note there they bowed themselves to the ground before him, and that’s why I know that all those who are mocking you and making jest of you will come back and bow down to you in Jesus name.

But I learnt something from these people, “THEY WERE EXPECTANT” and I am sure that’s why they came to him, they believe there can still be changes, there can still be improvement and that it is still possible for things to turn around for better, in that 2kings 2:19, They were sincere with the man of God “The men of the city said to Elisha, “Look, the city has a good location, as our master can see. But the water is bad and the land doesn’t produce crops.” that will tell you that many people are looking gorgeous and beautiful physically but there are many background problem in their life, that city looked beautiful and attractive but within there was bitterness and barrenness.

Brethren! There is still hope, even for you. In 2kings 2:22 “The water has been pure to this very day, just as Elisha prophesied” just after divine intervention there was restoration again and that’s why I want to encourage you that you need a radical faith this year and expectation that in this year 2010, your story is going to change for better, if you are thinking, how do I know that, listen to what God is saying about you in Isaiah 43:18-19

Blessed Assurance
Joshua 6:1-21

Joshua is one of the great people in the Bible whose life’s lesson can be very inspiring. His story is full of lessons and his life is totally challenging for example in Numbers 14:6-12, when people were crying, grumbling and yearning for death and were even thinking of going back into their former slavery and captivity in Numbers 14:1-4 Joshua was one of the people that had strong assurance in God.

Do you know that our greatest assets is not our physical ability or cleverness but our faith in God’s ability to help us overcome our challenges. God is always true to his promise. Moses assurance in God earned him a leadership position in Israel.
in the above text, the lord asked the children of Israel to march round the walled strong city of Jericho and that on the seventh day it should be seven times according to Joshua 6:2-4 to peoples of Jericho this will sound absolutely foolish and probably laughing at them, even I am sure some of the Israelites must have felt foolish, they might have been saying nothing happened 1st till the 7th day and some

would have been filled up with the thought that “if these walls don’t fall we are in shame”, but such thoughts never entered Joshua’s mind, he knows God is able, he knows God is committed and that Gods integrity is on the line, then in Joshua 6:20-21 Joshua’s assurance in God became fulfilled and it became blessed assurance .
When Gods children commit God to his words, he will never let them down. Take note of verse 21 “they devoted the city to the lord”.
Brethren! It could be your work, your business, your marriage, your career e.t.c get God committed his integrity has he placed it on line for his word then devout (according to verse 21) that thing to the lord.
God bless you.
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