April - Be Desperate Mark 2 1-5

There are cases in the bible to show that at times only the desperate receives their miracle In Matthew 15:22-28, there was a Canaanite woman who was very desperate, even when she knew she was not qualified, yet she got her miracle.

In our text Mark 2: 1-5, four men arrived with a paralytic man on a mat, all effort to get to Jesus proved abortive until they removed the roof and lowered the man right in front of Jesus and because of their desperation, they got what they needed.

Many of us come to church today as a routine, ‘the total act of expectancy and belief’ in Jesus is not there even when he said in Matthew 11:28 that “come unto me all ye that labour and heavy laden and I shall give you rest....” many of us still come and go home without encountering God.

When it’s time for any service, I want you to remember three things.
1) Breakthrough: - you must be ready to breakthrough every discouragement and hindrance to the house of God. In that story they were resolute and desperate.
2) You must flex you faith: - This is what moves God in mark 2:5 “when Jesus saw their faith. What you need most is to put your faith into action.
3) Always try to bring someone to Jesus- The four men didn’t go alone, they picked up the weight of their friend and they brought him to Jesus.

Brethren! Go ahead and bring them to Jesus, I can assure you; he won’t disappoint.
God Bless you.
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