May - The Key To Excellence - Daniel 6:1-5

In the midst of a bunch of keys, most of the time only one key opens the door and when we talk about “Excellence” it is what surpasses merit or a state of being superior to others, be it in quality, success, idea etc.
There is a man in the bible called Daniel who refused to give up his conviction about God and he always applied God’s will to his own life (Daniel 6:3), he has formed a relationship that cannot be broken with God, in other words we can say he is faithful to his God and have developed a strong faith in him.

Faith was his lifestyle, there was no element of doubt in him, so “FAITH” is the first key you need, hence Habakkuk 2:4 “the just shall live by faith” this means faith is the currency of heaven. Brethren! The position of God has not change (Malachi 3:6) the bible says those who honour me will I honour. No wonder the bible says “the spirit of excellence was upon Daniel”.

What about Noah? He excelled as the bible says he was the most righteous in his own generation, in his time, there had never been any rain and God told him he never will send flood upon the earth and he believed God. Gen 7:5 says “he did according to Gods commandment”. Faith in God is not easy and that’s why those who don’t have understanding (Hosea 4:6) see faith as fake

Brethren! You want to excel? Have faith in God.
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