June - In Everything Give Thanks To GOD 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Everything can be surrounded to be all that exists, it we have to go into a wider understanding, we can say everything is the totality of things relevant and irrelevant, do you know that even those things you class to be irrelevant are so important that without them we may not live, for example, have you thought of thanking God for using the toilet? What about your ability to love? E.t.c believe me or not the ability to love is a gift from a God who loves 1 john 4:19. It is very important; therefore that we first consider the evidence that God really loves us and cares for us.

Gods love testifies through his creations, of course, he made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all things there is psalm 24:1, for human consumption and comfortability, for example if you are delighted in chocolate, God must have provided it one way or the other and not that alone, every nation, tribe and ethnic have their place in God, diverse kind of foods, clothing culture etc definitely in everything, we must give thanks to this God.
What about our make up? Your sense of humour, ability to enjoy music, ability to appreciate one another, ability to even appreciate beauty all and more are things we class as irrelevant but God has put them in place for us James 1:17.

Brethren! God is constantly involved in all of our lives, if we have the understanding and acknowledge all his provisions for us, then, thanking him for everything will be so easy, remember always that “in everything give thanks to God”. God bless you.
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