Women's Department

God is not looking for women who appear to be perfect, He simply is looking for women who are willing! Women who have courage; women who will risk everything to trust God.

The women of purpose at Restoration chapel are women on a mission to follow the Lord. We are women of great courage, the type that embraces failure and breathes victory into it; courage that redeems the defeats and failures of the past, and uses them as a foundation upon which to build future successes. Our courage does not allow us to quit or give up.

The women of purpose draw our strength from the One who is at work within us. We are led everyday with the word of God, courage and joy.

We would like you to study the revelation of God’s word, especially the exemplary life of our Lord Jesus. Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to you; then conform your own thinking to it. Then as you walk in the redemptive truth, your lifestyle will be directed by the Spirit, and His limitless creativity will begin to be expressed in every area of your life.

There’s so much more to be enjoyed at Restoration Chapel, come along and become a woman of purpose today.

God bless you as you come.