About Us

It is not by accident that this church started in the month of July 2007. This is the exact month that the founder of this church was born (Pastor Josiah Akindayomi). 

Restoration Chapel is a branch out of the numerous parishes that have spread across the whole world and we are located along Norham Road South, off the coast road at the first floor of Unit 1, Norham Business Centre. NE29 7TN in North Shields Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

The pioneering Pastor who is by the grace of God Pastor Vincent Dina was born in a village called Aparaki in Ijebu Province gave his life to Christ in the early 80s. He started his career in the ministry with the Christ Apostolic Church in Lagos Nigeria with his beloved wife Comfort Dina. In 1995, he joined The Redeemed Christian Church of God fully and by the grace of God, he grew to become a sound Sunday school teacher with his wife, later became the area Sunday school co-ordinator and also a minister in 1997 under the then (parish pastor/ Area Pastor) Pastor Shitta Oluwaje who is now the vice principal in The Redeemed Christian Bible College at Redemption Camp.

He started seeing revelation of God's calling into the ministry which he then reported in sequence to his pastor. This was confirmed when a female senior pastor suddenly called him to the alter in front of the whole church that God is taking him to a greater height and for a greater use and we all just prayed then. The great exploit that God was doing through him in his local parish and the environment prompted Pastor Elufowoju (a senior pastor in RCCG, the Redemption Camp manager and an elder) to post him to the Recharge Centre parish in the Redemption camp which was the biggest parish in the whole Ogun Province III and now a Province IV Provincial head quarters.

At Recharge centre parish, the Lord used him beyond the imagination of any man that so many programmes were revived among which is a Solution night a programme that attracts hundreds of people both from the Northern part of Nigeria and the neighbouring villages.

In 2003, he became an area pastor and with God on his side, the area gave birth to two big areas less than three years. He later became a lecturer in the Redeemed Christian Bible College, assistant co-ordinator admin and a Co-ordinator of School of Disciple. In 2007, the Lord brought him to join his Family and continue with the ministry in United Kingdom precisely Newcastle Upon Tyne Hence the Redeemed Christian Church of God restoration chapel was born on the 15th of July 2007.

The Church started with divine backing of God and as a mission field to RCCG Osun Province I under the good leadership of Pastor Dele Balogun (The province Pastor) who has been so much committed to the growth (both financial and spiritual wise) of the church.

The church started with about 3 families and by the grace of God has grown to a matured church with about three sound and dedicated Sunday school teachers, several ministers, dedicated women of honour, a model set of youth, a wonderful set of choir (Restoration voices) who are the pride of the Church, a standard department for children and the members who are typical church that is washed in the blood of the lamb.

Beloved! This church is committed to what the church stand for, caring, loving, helping, teaching and remodelling lives. You are free to come in and as you join us, may you be blessed in Jesus name.

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